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“The course has been enlightening – enjoyed every minute … I had lived 22 years in the bat of one eye. Not sure how I got here, but now plan to enjoy moments and not waste any more years.”.

Mindfulness in the workplace course participant

“This 8 week course has changed my life. Life is now an adventure, exciting, rich with experience, often of the simplest day to day happenings. I have a new friend - it is me. I feel calm, reassured, confident, patient, aware, happy to be alive, not afraid any more. I am now happy to rise early and begin another journey of discovery every day. I have had some extremely painful moments in the last 8 weeks; for the first time that I can recall, the pain has been OK, interesting and manageable. I have stopped, looked and listened to it; I am no longer afraid. Thank you, Michael.”

Carer for the elderly

“I want to say thank you again for a really insightful course. I thought you pitched it just right, the breathing exercises were helpful in their own way but in addition I found it really refreshing to sit and chat about anxiety/depression etc in an open, relaxed and honest way. It’s not something I’ve ever really done before and for me it was therapeutic. It was good to meet honest and intelligent people who have their own ‘little black dog’ and realise that I’m not the only one! I also feel it has boosted my confidence as when I left work it was on a slightly sour note and I felt undermined and that my opinion counted for little so to make a valuable contribution to the group and be listened to was again therapeutic … as the group bonded I felt very at ease.”

Veterinary nurse

“Overall, this has been a great learning experience for me! I have tried many things in the past to try and improve the quality of my life and whilst often they have given me pieces of the jigsaw, I think this course, along with additional pieces of information, have allowed me to make my ‘happiness’ jigsaw almost complete. (But I must keep ‘weaving the parachute’ to keep it that way!). Thank you for your warmth, kindness and gentle persuasion as our facilitator on this journey. It has really helped me move forward (and many others, I am sure). The best money I have ever spent.”

Sports science lecturer

“A very helpful, gentle, well structured journey through ways to develop a mindful approach to living – very thoughtfully and kindly led by Michael. A space to grow in understanding, insight, wisdom and ultimately compassion for myself, others and the world around me. A way to find the freedom to live with what is, and learning to see, feel, hear, embrace and fall in love with what really is. Thank you for your very patient, generous, kind and open facilitation, companionship and acceptance.”


“Really enjoyed the course – got a lot from it. Came at a good time for me to be able to be receptive.”

Retired university lecturer

“…a teacher passionate about his subject. Very reassuring and understanding, which gave the class a good vibe.”

University student

“It was a model of “non-doing”, which enabled so much work to be done in many areas of the body. I have long believed that the essence of a “good” therapist is one who is able to “let the work do the work” rather than one who is concerned to try and give the patient what they (say they) desire. I shall undoubtedly go again.”

Cranio-sacral therapist

“I visited Michael Robbins’ Still Centre in Crewe for the first time recently.
I am in my sixties, had a successful career in the law, and have had a
creaking body and aching heart for several years. In the search for peace,
harmony and to shed pain, I have had many therapeutic treatments in my
time, but few that touched the depths, or the expanse, that a rich half hour
with Michael Robbins achieved.”

Retired judge

This course has been excellent - only improvement would be to have a permanent onsite mindfulness centre for staff ... Great delivery of course materials. Michael's belief in mindfulness is evident and inspiring - also has a relaxing voice! Thank you.

NHS professional

A very useful course, allowing you to find "tools" to cope with stresses and anxiety and remind you to reset the balance of work and life - all staff should try it.

NHS professional

Enjoyed the whole 8 weeks - challenging and useful.

NHS professional

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